Benefits and negative side of using rangefinder

Should you consider a range finder in your game?

If you are a professional golfer than you always wanted accuracy and perfection in your game. Right? Or if you are a novice golfer than you always hoping to get a perfect shot in your gameplay. Professional or beginner, a golfer’s desire is still the same. It is also applicable to Tiger Wood.

We will discuss the equipment that is widely popular in today’s sports of golf. As you can see in the title of this post, it is the “rangefinder”.

Now, what is actually a rangefinder?

In simple words, it is a device which helps a golf player to gauge yardage to the target. Here, it will be the flagstick. In today’s advanced rangefinder a player can also look at the wind speed, slope measurement and many advanced features including the GPS.

What are some benefits of using this tool and have it in your arsenal?

1. The GPS system provided in a rangefinder is beneficial for a golf player to gauge the distance of the course in which he/she is playing. It can sometimes give inaccurate or delayed information but still if you have a standard rangefinder than you can surely rely on it.

2. It also helps in speeding up the game of golf by giving the required data a golf player need to achieve a perfect shot. It can get the desired information you want in a minute and helps to play it accordingly. So, it is definitely a saviour of time.

3. Another benefit of using rangefinder is because of its portability. It can provide a golf player all the necessary component of compatibility regarding portability which helps it immensely. Some of it can be wearable too.

4. The JOLT technology that is provided in a specific higher end rangefinder is impressive. With this feature, golfers feel a vibration when they lock the target on the flag. It feels same as a smartphone vibration.

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As we have looked into the positive side of this tool, let’s see what some of the negative factors that golfers mostly complain about it.

1. As most of the rangefinders are connected with smartphones, it notifies the player if any text or phone calls come. In one way it can be beneficial, but some players find it very annoying as it sometimes distracts from their game. There is indeed an option to turn off this feature, but it can be improved to make it more usable.

2. Another common con of using this type of tool is that it can shortcut the process of golf learning which hampers the real growth of a player. It makes a golf player lazy and makes him or her dependent on the equipment. In this case, it is a rangefinder. If you are playing golf just for fun and wants to learn it fast, then it is okay. But, if you’re going to play golf as a profession than you should learn from basic and master the basics before using this type of tool.

3. With rangefinder people often stuck with the number. I mean if a rangefinder is providing the data than the player is obsessed with that number and try to hit the exact figure. Well, it throws off the fundamental nature of this game. People play golf to enjoy and to relax, but if a player behaves in a frustrated manner due to its inaccuracy, it affects the surroundings as well.

4. Sometimes a rangefinder can delay the game instead of speeding up the game. As the player is too bogged down in interacting with the device, it can make the other player anxious and frustrating. So, a new rangefinder user regardless of GPS and laser can make the gameplay very long.

As we have discussed today some pros and cons of using a rangefinder we can’t deny the fact that these type of tool is helping a player immensely. Yes, we have to concern certain things before using these tools, in this case, it is a “rangefinder.” Such things like – cost of the product, will it be helpful to make your game more efficient, review of the product, is it USGA legal for tournaments if you are playing such competition and many more.

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